Do you travel for weddings?
Yes I do. Whether it’s a wedding within Australia, or an overseas wedding, I am happy to travel to any destination. Please be in touch to discuss travel and availability.


I have very fair/very dark skin, …Can you match my skin tone?

I have extensive experience with all nationalities. I have worked with many Brides from all backgrounds. I am also very experienced with very fair skin. I can match any skin tone.

Can you please give me more info on trials?.

The trial is a chance for us to not only completely try your makeup and hair look before the day, but it will also be a great chance for us to discuss all the professional products I will use specifically for your skin. We will have time to discuss your dress, accessories, themes and ideas for your wedding, 

To get the most out of your trial, I ask that you come with a clean face and well moisturised lips and have a selection of pictures on hand of hair and makeup styles you like.

​When considering what you are after, stay true to what you like and choose something you will be comfortable with. Skin tone and hair colour can also affect the palette you opt for, for example, fair skinned blondes suit cool tones like grey & lilac while more olive complexions suit warm browns, taupes & burgundies.​

Hair washed one or two days prior to trial is best (not on the same day), and left to dry naturally or blowdry. Using any hot iron tools (straightening iron) on it will limit the amount of volume and curl, so avoiding this is ideal.

Most importantly, speak up and be honest - I want you to be 100% happy so you look and feel your best! I am more than happy to organise a second trial at the standard rate if you change your mind, however if you are unsatisfied with the first trial I expect my clients to be upfront and honest before the service completion so we can tweak anything you may not love.

How far in advance should I book my wedding / event makeup?

We have dates booked up to a year in advance. There is no set time, but I advise the earlier the better to avoid missing out.

Can you do any kind of look?.

Definitely. I can create whatever suits your personal style from a very natural look to a more vintage glam. Please check out my work online to see my signaturestyle.


Can you offer some skin and hair tips for my big day?

Hydrate your skin by drinking lots of water! Try to stay away from too much alcohol and the sun (sunburn is never a good look!).

Have a good skincare routine of cleansing, toning, moisturising and exfoliating twice a week. ALWAYS remove makeup before going to bed at night. Try a good serum or night cream at night for intense hyrdation so you wake up with a beautiful glow.​

Get a good night's sleep, at least 8 hours a night!

If you are wanting a fake tan and waxing done, we recommend a trial for both to make sure you don't have any reactions and to avoid that orange look! Waxing should be done 4 or more days before the wedding to ensure irritations have calmed down.

Get your brows tweezed and shaped a few days before to give a perfect frame to your face.